I accept eConsults from anywhere in Ontario. The eConsult service allows for swift access to specialists. Click below to learn more about this service, or to sign up.

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I try to answer as many consultation questions as I can by eConsult so that referring practitioners can confidently provide their patients with continuity of care. Questions are generally answered within hours or days. At times further psychiatric assessment is required, and I may book some of these patients through OTN or Zoom if referrer and patient are in agreement.

Referral for Group Therapy

For individuals with depression in pregnancy or the first year postpartum who are interested in doing group therapy, please click below for further information and a referral form.

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Patient Rating Scales

There is strong research evidence that using rating scales when treating psychiatric disorders shortens time to remission. If you are a patient or healthcare provider interested in using patient rating scales, I have attached the ones here that I most often use.

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